Junk Drawer Crafts

If polled, most households would have a junk drawer, or two in one room or another.

Junk drawers are the catch all for small things that no longer have an appropriate place, such as keys, nuts, bolts, screws, crayons and much more.  The key to cleaning this stash is not to throw things away, but find another purpose for the forgotten items.

Following are two crafts to that make use of the abyss that is the junk drawer.

Junk Drawer Wind Chimes

Materials needed: jewelry wire, wire cutters, metal lid for balance, drill

Find items in your drawer that will clink and clang together without breaking. Add ornamental or decorative pieces, such as mixed matched earrings or broken jewelry for flare, and whimsy.

  1. Drill holes around the outer edges of the metal lid.
  2. Feed jewelry wire through holes, hanging decorative items, and junk drawer findings at different lengths.
  3. Find a spot for maximum wind exposure, and enjoy.

Picture Frame

Purchase a brand new picture frame, or repurpose and give life to a new one.

Materials needed: Picture frame, craft glue, acrylic paint, and junk drawer items

  1. Paint the frame with one to two coats, and let dry. Remove the glass before getting started.
  2. With craft glue, add junk drawer findings, along with additional craft embellishments.
  3. Add the perfect picture.

KeepItCrafty Is Easy as 1-2-3

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STEP 1:  Choose Category for Item.

STEP 2: Listing Format.  Here you will choose either:

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EXTRA EXPOSURE!!  You will see where you may choose for an additional fee to have your product listed in different areas of the site including Gallery listing.  These options are optional, but for such a nominal fee, it will put your product in front of others.

After listing, you will follow down the page as it asks you in the following blocks to upload your pictures.  The first to Images are ON THE HOUSE.  However, you may choose to load additional images for a fee.

And you are all set!!  You may email Post Master with any additional questions:  postmaster@keepitcrafty.com.