Mesh Holiday Wreaths

Wreaths are beautiful for any holiday, season, or event. Deco mesh is an ideal medium that comes in an array of colors, patterns, metallic and sparkly. With a little imagination along with decorations it’s possible to produce a work of art.   

Materials Needed:

  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters
  • Basic wreath
  • Decorations
  • Ribbons
  • 2 rolls of poly mesh (desired color)

 Add mesh all around the wreath wrapping the greenery around it about every 6 to 7 inches, and fluff.

  1. Add the second mesh the same way all around the wreath wrapping the greenery around it. Try to make it as even as possible.
  2. Cut your choice of ribbons into 14 to 16 inch strips, cut the edges at an angle.  Add the ribbons around the wreath (between breaks of mesh), wrapping the greenery around them.
  3. Hot glue decorations, or ornaments strategically between the ribbons. Add as many, or as little decorations making your creation unique, and one of a kind.

Happy Crafting!

DIY Halloween Pumpkins

The month of October brings with it the tradition of carving pumpkins into of jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. The tradition of jack-lanterns was started in Ireland, where large turnips and potatoes were used. Irish immigrants brought with them the tradition, carving pumpkins instead where it has become a mainstay for Halloween.

Instead of carving a pumpkin this year, take a walk on the wild side. Put the knife away and get creative with decorating you pumpkin.

Glitter Pumpkins

  • Materials needed:
  • Pumpkin
  • Mod podge or glue
  • Glitter or powder glitter
  • Paint brush
  • Acrylic paint

 Paint pumpkin with a layer of glue or modge podge.

  1. Sprinkle glitter over pumpkin. Get really creative and use more than one color.
  2. After drying for an hour shake off excess glitter.
  3. Paint stem with acrylic paint.

Painted Pumpkins

Materials needed:

  • Pumpkin
  • Spray paint or acrylic paint
  • Painters tape
  • Paint brush (if using acrylic paint)

 Before getting started make sure to clean and dry pumpkin. With the painters tape make a design on the pumpkin. Go crazy and be creative with your design. After placing the tape, smooth all the edges.

  1. Paint your pumpkin. Two coats may be necessary to insure complete coverage.
  2. After pumpkin has completely dried remove tape.

 To have a two toned pumpkin other than orange, paint pumpkin with another color, let dry and start with step one. Also try free hand painting goofy faces. The possibilities are endless!

Painted pumpkins are not just for Halloween, but make excellent fall or harvest decorations. Enjoy your creations for months longer than carved pumpkins.

Junk Drawer Crafts

If polled, most households would have a junk drawer, or two in one room or another.

Junk drawers are the catch all for small things that no longer have an appropriate place, such as keys, nuts, bolts, screws, crayons and much more.  The key to cleaning this stash is not to throw things away, but find another purpose for the forgotten items.

Following are two crafts to that make use of the abyss that is the junk drawer.

Junk Drawer Wind Chimes

Materials needed: jewelry wire, wire cutters, metal lid for balance, drill

Find items in your drawer that will clink and clang together without breaking. Add ornamental or decorative pieces, such as mixed matched earrings or broken jewelry for flare, and whimsy.

  1. Drill holes around the outer edges of the metal lid.
  2. Feed jewelry wire through holes, hanging decorative items, and junk drawer findings at different lengths.
  3. Find a spot for maximum wind exposure, and enjoy.

Picture Frame

Purchase a brand new picture frame, or repurpose and give life to a new one.

Materials needed: Picture frame, craft glue, acrylic paint, and junk drawer items

  1. Paint the frame with one to two coats, and let dry. Remove the glass before getting started.
  2. With craft glue, add junk drawer findings, along with additional craft embellishments.
  3. Add the perfect picture.

KeepItCrafty Is Easy as 1-2-3

ImageJoining Keepitcrafty is EASY, just follow the instructions below:


  1. Click  Register Link to enter all of your information to set up your account to sell
  2. Once Registered, Click SELL on homepage. It is here where a tutorial will walk you through uploading your pictures for items with descriptions to sell.

STEP 1:  Choose Category for Item.

STEP 2: Listing Format.  Here you will choose either:

  • Fixed Price Sell: Sell item(s) at a flat price without any bidding.
  • Classified AD: Generate leads by advertising items or services.

STEP 3: Enter Name and Price of item to be listed.

Enter Payment Details to you.  It’s easiest with a PayPal Account.  If you are not a current PayPal Account holder, you can register for one at

Tax Rate: (optional) Here you enter the current taxable rate for your area.  If you choose to build tax into your cost of item, just make that clear in description of item.  E.g. cost includes tax…

Shipping Rates:  Enter cost to ship your fabulous item to its new home.

Description:  This box is where you will work your magic to give your item the best description for potential buyers.

STEP 4: Listing and Photo:  This step will allow you to customize how long you want your item listed on site and how often you want it to re-list.  Also, you can customize counter views.

EXTRA EXPOSURE!!  You will see where you may choose for an additional fee to have your product listed in different areas of the site including Gallery listing.  These options are optional, but for such a nominal fee, it will put your product in front of others.

After listing, you will follow down the page as it asks you in the following blocks to upload your pictures.  The first to Images are ON THE HOUSE.  However, you may choose to load additional images for a fee.

And you are all set!!  You may email Post Master with any additional questions:

Celebrating May Day

The first day of May, is observed as May Day, celebrating the beginning of Spring. A traditional way of celebrating the day is hanging small baskets of flowers, or gifts on neighbor’s door knobs. The trick is to not get caught. If caught, you get a kiss.

Try making and leaving one of the following to share with your neighbors on May 1st.

Although May Day is the May 1, Spring is worth celebrating all month!

Recycling To Save The Earth

April 22, is Earth Day, a day of observance to increase the awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s environment.

More than 500 million people in the world will celebrate Earth Day. One of the most popular ways communities are commemorating this observance is through recycling efforts. You too can make personal strides to reduce waste, and prevent pollution.

According to Vincent Cobb somewhere between 500 billion and a trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide each year. Of those, millions end up in the litter stream outside of landfills—estimates range from less than one to three percent of the bags. Recycling plastic grocery bags by turning them into plarn we can help save the planet, and create great handmade crafts.

To Make Plarn you’ll need:

  • Plastic Grocery Bags
  • Scissors

How To Make Plarn:

  • Neatly tuck and fold side, smooth bag flat.
  • Fold bag in half lengthwise, half again, and half one last time.
  • Cut handles off the end.
  • Cut bag into 1″ strips, or thicker.
  • Clip all the way down the bag, and trash the bottom piece. Open strips to reveal plastic rings.
  • Join strips, by using a larks head knot. Continue to link strips.
  • Wrap your plarn into a ball.

Following are patterns for creating handmade plarn projects.

Anything you can crochet with yarn, can be made with plarn. Lets recycle, resue, and reduce.

Simple Spring Decorating Tips

With cold weather behind us, rising temperatures along with budding flowers may spark a desire to decorate.  Try these simple hints to chase away the winter blahs, and usher spring into your home.

  • Add Fresh Flowers – Tish of The Pink Tea Rose Events suggests adding fresh, bright floral arrangements should do the trick.  And they scream spring!
  • Cook – Try making desserts you generally reserve for the spring/summer months, like lemon or key-lime pie. They’re light and fluffy with just enough yellow or green to evoke nice spring thoughts.
  • Brighten up – Paint a piece of furniture, or a single wall with light, clean, or natural color. Colors inspired by nature are key.
  • Add slip covers – Covering a dark sofa or chair, with slip covers or fabric can easily add a touch of spring to any room.
  • Swap out – Replace heavy duty dark rugs for bright or patterned throw rugs.
  • Change the scent – Just as cinnamon, apple and pumpkin scents during the winter put us in a holiday mood, light scents such as fresh cotton, or linen induce spring. Tish suggests melon and citrus frangrances to brighten the senses.

What minor changes do you make to invite spring into your home?  

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National Children’s Craft Day

March 14, is National Children’s Craft Day. Use today to create a craft with a child, or teach a child a new craft.

Homemade Finger Paint, and Kool-Aid Playdough are crafts children of any age will love. Enjoy!

Recipe for Homemade Finger Paint:

  • 2 cups flour
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 2 1/2 cups cold water
  • 2 cups boiling water
  • food coloring

Mix the flour and salt, then  add the cold water. Stir until smooth. Add this mixture gradually to the boiling water. Boil until the mixture becomes smooth and thick.  Add the food coloring until you get the desired color.

Recipe for Kool-Aid Playdough

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup salt
  • 2 packages unsweetened Kool-Aid
  • 3 tablespoons cooking oil
  • 1/2 cup boiling water

Mix together dry ingredients, then add oil. Pour in boiling water. Mix, well. Mix and knead with my hands. When mixture is cool enough, children can knead an begin playing immediately. Store in a plastic container with a lid, or ziplock bag. 

How will you celebrate National Children’s Craft Day?

Host a Keepitcrafty Meet-Up

Host a Keepitcrafty Meet-up in your neck of the woods.

Through local Meet-Ups, Keepitcrafty wanted to bring together like-minded people who craft as a hobby, for pleasure, or business  to share and connect, while cultivating the crafting experience.

What type of Meet-up? Scrapbooking, photography, quilting… the possibilities are endless. You be the host, and we provide you with the Keepitcrafty Meet-Up essentials.

If you’re interested in  hosting a Keepitcrafty to host a Meet-up email us at, with the subject “Meet-Up.”

8 Tips to Create Custom Wedding Invites on the Cheap

Looking for a custom invitation without spending upwards of $700? The average cost of wedding invitations and reply cards is $659, according to 2010 data from The Bridal Association of America.
Here are some ways to trim costs for your 2012 wedding. When using these tips, expect to pay around $200 for 100-150 invitations.

1. Establish the Look
Use Pinterest to browse for invitations from which to draw your inspiration. Start a board and “pin” examples. Once you find a direction you’d like to go in, you’re ready to start on your very own. There are several options for today’s budget bride including free online templates, designing it from scratch or ordering at a discount.

2. Use a Template
There are several online printers that are affordable. Some offer wedding invitation templates, and if you’re feeling like you don’t want to try designing an invitation yourself and don’t have access to a designer, this is the way to go. One of the best sites with customizable templates I’ve seen lately is They offer entire invitation suites for free (invitation, rsvp card, table numbers, escort card, etc.), and you can edit it all online, instead of relying on software. Oh – and the designs are modern and gorgeous.

3. Design it Yourself
Use a stock photography sites like iStock or Shutterstock where can search for stock illustrations and graphics. Search for illustrations or vectors similar to the look you’re going for by using keywords like “swirl,” “scroll,” “vintage,” “invitation,” etc.
Using your inspiration invitation, find a font(s) that closely matches your look by searching websites like and

4. Save on Printing
If you create you own design, look for a printer who specializes in invitation printing so you’re sure to get the type of paper you need. Online vendors like and provide online quotes for easy cost comparison. Before using any site to order invitations, find online coupons from for money-saving discounts you can use toward your purchase. Some of these sites regularly run specials like 25% off on invitations. Plus, when using a new site, always sign up for newsletters or free loyalty accounts.

5. Think Small
If you’d like a separate RSVP card, consider making it the size of a business card and include a URL where guests can register. When the RSVP was a web address, there is no need to make the RSVP card postcard size to return, so you’ll saved money on printing costs and return postage (and extra envelopes!). offers free wedding websites where you can track RSVPs, but there are other sites that offer this service as well.

6. Picture Perfect
Bride Erin added a really cool touch to her invitations to ensure that it wasn’t quickly tossed. On the back on the wedding invitation she included a photo of her and Eric from their professional engagement portrait session. It printed beautifully and now her friends and family have a photo they can keep of the couple. The cost to print on the backside was nominal and she saved a lot of money by not developing pictures separately.

7. Off the Shelf
Printing custom invites still out of your budget range? Craft stores offer kits you can use on your home printer. Nashville bride Amanda says, “We’re making our own invitations from those prepackaged kits you can buy at any office supply store. We’re doing all the invitations for $80, and they’re actually quite pretty.”

8. Handmade Touch
A big trend for weddings and paper goods these days is using a personalized, custom rubber stamp. artisans offer both custom and pre-designed choices, while sites like allow you to upload your own art. Antiquaria Design Studio offers some absolutely stunning customizable stamps for weddings. The bonus? Use your stamp to customize paper goods for the wedding — like the wedding program, water bottle wraps, paper bags and more.

Weddings expert Cara Davis is the author of Cheap Ways to Tie the Knot and blogs from her home in Orlando, FL, about cheap ways to spend and save at