January Featured Crafter

Lisa McFee is keepitcrafty’s January’s featured crafter. Never thinking about crafting as a business, for McFee it was just a part-time thing.

McFee’s daughter owns a small home business making handmade pillowcase dresses, burp clothes, bibs and other items. Deciding to attend a craft show, but didn’t have enough merchandise to fill the booth, she invited Lisa along. “While I was helping, I could make a few bucks for myself. That’s how I got started.”

After seeing beaded flip-flops at a market in Dallas, costing $100 McFee thought, “I could make those.” Glad  she did, she’s gotten a lot of compliments on them. She also makes Barbie tote bags, and sleeping bags.

Although she doesn’t consider herself a creative person, because she copied what she like, Lisa loves picking out different beads. No two pair of flip-flops are alike. She loves making the tote bags for little girls, and consider it her best work. “Sewing just makes me happy!”

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National Hobby Month

January is National Hobby Month. After the holidays, it’s a great opportunity to start a new hobby, revive or further an existing one.

Start by choosing a hobby or craft. It could be as simple as something you like to do, or have always wanted to do if you had time. There are so many avenues to explore painting, sculpting, jewelry making, scrapbooking, sewing and more.

After you’ve pin pointed your hobby or craft, make time for it. Just like New Years Resolutions, if you don’t make time for your hobby, it will fall into to the abyss ‘Great things that never happened.’

Find others who participate in your chosen hobby or craft, and plan a party, or meetup. Connecting with others to talk, exchange ideas, or craft together makes it that much more enjoyable.

What are you waiting for? There are hobbies to explore, and crafts to be made! Happy National Hobby Month.

January #CraftChat

Join us for our first Twitter #CraftChat of 2010.

  • Date: Tuesday, January 10
  • Time: 7 – 8 p.m. CST
  • Hashtag: #CraftChat

Featured Guest: Carmen De La Paz  is a television personality, Interior/Exterior Designer, Carpenter, Wood Turner, Welder, Decorative Painter, Stone/Tile Artist, Scrapbook/Paper Expert and Professional Cook. In her magazine, You Can Do It, Carmen shares ideas, tips, tricks and step by step instructions for awesome DIY, and crafts projects.

How to: To participate use the hashtag, #CraftChat, in every tweet, and follow the host @keepitcrafty and the featured guest @YouCanDoItMag before chat begins. Join in the conversation, ask questions, and have fun!

The next #CraftChat is scheduled for January 24. Follow Keepitcrafty on Facebook, for updates and more details on Twitter chats, and all things keepitcrafty!

(Picture and background from Carmen De La Paz’s Facebook Fan Page.)

December Featured Crafters

Terry “T,” and Jennifer are the mother daughter team of T’s Beads, Inc., and keepitcrafty’s December featured crafter.

“T” has been making jewelry off and on for nearly 45 years. She started making seed bead flower necklaces, with seed beads from Tandy Leather (the only place you could get beads in the 60s and 70s), and dental floss. Over the years she has bought beads every chance she gets. Thus the extensive inventory of loose beads. Her son-in-law calls her “Nurse by profession, beader by obsession”. She admits to this.

T’s Beads became an incorporated business just about a year ago, a partnership between Jennifer and Terry began.

“Meno”, “T’s” mother, was an artist by heart, and skill. She painted and sculpted, and dabbled in crafts as well. Jennifer and “T” have dedicated the business to her, “An artist who crafted before crafting was an art”. Meno always encouraged us to pursue our dreams.

Currently is home-based business, “T” and Jennifer would eventually like to have a brick and mortar store in Conway, Arkansas. For now, the duo sell their jewelry at craft and vendor fairs, home parties, and keepitcrafty.

Jennifer’s real passion is helping customers create and design the Pandora-style bracelets and necklaces. Each bracelet or necklace can be designed uniquely to create an awesome gift for any lady, or young girl. Their inventory consists of more than 150 different beads, including all 12 birthstone colors, and crystal spacer beads used for the mother/grandmother bracelets. “That is definitely our best seller, because it is so personalized,” says Jennifer.

“It is really exciting to see how many different designs people come up with creating their own special gift,” says “T”.

“T’s” real passion is designing and crafting unique earrings. “We have a vast inventory of loose beads and the designs possibilities are endless. There is something for everyone when it comes to earrings.

“T” does not duplicate the design of any pair of earrings unless requested to do so.

Most of the inspiration of the bracelets comes from the customers themselves since each one is so unique. Earrings seem fall into place by just putting the beads together and seeing what looks good. “Sometimes the beads “just fit” and sometimes it takes a long time to find the right combination of color and style.”

“Our best work is being able to help customers design unique gifts. There is a lot of satisfaction with seeing customers excited about creating something with meaning, whether it is that special gift for someone else, or knowing that they designed something unique for themselves.”

When not working as a full-time nurse, “T” spends most of her time with her husband, grandkids, and working in the yard. Sometimes the grandkids help her with earring designs. Jennifer works most weekends as a radiology tech; home schools her children, and takes care of her family that includes three children and husband Brad.

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